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Kr1z and F-777's Collab page!

2007-11-16 16:18:24 by Kr1zF-777

Hello! This is Kr1z's and F-777's collab page. Hope you enjoy our collaborations and be sure to leave a review =D.

F-777: Hi there people. Kr1z and i have a couple collabs in progress and we have completed one so far. I must say it has been an honour to collab with him! I will also be posting a news post on my original profile for those people out there who think this profile is faked and not actually run by the real users. Enjoy the music and let us know what you think!

Kr1z: Yo ppl xD This is where F-777 and me post the songs we made together. We seem to be a good team for energetic dance music! More songs coming up! Im honoured to work together with F-777 :D As im still learning, this will surely help me to get better and better. Enjoy our work!


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2007-11-20 18:08:03

Great collab! I can't wait for more musics! \o/


2007-12-01 11:42:54

I don't even like the genre,but I must say you dudes are cool :P


2007-12-01 22:22:35

Awesome that you guys are collaborating. I've enjoyed both of your individual work and just listened to "taken". Good Stuff

Keep it up!


2007-12-04 12:23:08

Collab!!! you guys are awesome. completely amazing!! crazy awesome good.