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Top 5!!!

2007-12-05 00:48:47 by Kr1zF-777

F-777 says:

Wow our collab [Kriz & F-777] - Taken is #1 on the top 5!!! Thanks everyone you rule!

Top 5!!!


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2007-12-05 01:23:29

No, U Rule!
Congrats guys. You people have set the standard of awesome music!

Kr1zF-777 responds:

thanks!!!!! xD


2007-12-05 12:57:46

I am right underneath j00! lolol

Kr1zF-777 responds:

Nice one Rig!! xD


2007-12-05 21:02:22

No problem man ;) just keep up the great music making, Oh yea great job on making # 1 on your newest song! I voted 10/10 and 5/5 it was great!


2007-12-05 21:43:18

Your number one on the top five and NUMBER 2 For ALL TIME


2007-12-07 03:34:48

Well, it should be, you guys earned it. I mean it's an amazing song, hell all of your guys songs are outstanding. Keep it up both of ya'


2007-12-09 12:32:15

why do both of you share one account? oh well I shouldent be asking that I share my account with about 6 people.

Kr1zF-777 responds:

This is our collaboration account.. We submit the songs we made together on this account.


2007-12-09 23:57:36

I knew that audio was going to make it.


2007-12-10 15:52:50

Yeah you guys are alright, but not perfect. Theres still room for improvment in your songs no matter how high they score. The only concern I have with some of your work is how repetitive it can feel, other than that it's great. My Mother use to have this old saying; "If it 'aint a loop don't make it repetitive" remember that.

Kr1zF-777 responds:

Dude we know, were not saying were professional :/ :P
At least im not (kriz)
I'v started learning music by myself 6 months ago.
Ur right I still have to learn alot :)


2007-12-10 15:55:30

*blams "before midnight" * There now you're first.


2007-12-19 23:43:40

Epic pwns


2007-12-20 22:51:38

Together F-777 and Kr1z are the best in newgrounds audio portal becoming #1 is a huge honour CONGRATS


2007-12-30 14:22:04

Think i'm a bit late to the party, what with the audio rankings having changed a few times since I lasted looked at it, but still, late congratulations are still good right? Also, relevant to the time i'm posting this: Happy New Year!


2008-02-18 19:58:49

u dont pump too many songs i see


2008-02-27 04:13:46

No, You Rule!! We only vote ;)

Peanut butter Jelly Time:D:D:D

Yeah! why not make an remix of peanut butter jelly time??


2008-05-28 22:17:55

Yay, Beginning of Time was dimmed, meaning you visited it recently! Woot!


2008-05-31 01:13:48

You guys deserved it more than I can express. It is such a great song. Keep up the good work.